Alright, ya’ll, it’s October and in our area, the weather just starts cooling down enough for camping and we are going to be out in nature for a week.  I am not a rough-it kind of person; so if we can create a home in an hour or two (with my family pitching in), I’m willing to go glamping.  Our glamping means that we have multiple tents and access to water and electricity, no off-the-grid living for me.  In the next few posts, I will post some recipes that I can prep ahead and serve with minimal effort while “roughing it”.

Here are recipes on my camping menu that are already posted.  Click on the italicized post name to go to the post.

Make Ahead Pancakes – Pretty self explanatory.

Taco soup – It’s basically a dump soup. I bring a frozen bag of taco meat, a few spices and cans.  When getting ready for taco soup, three hours before the meal I throw everything into a slow cooker.  It cooks up hot and delicious!!!

Sloppy joes – This is a quick & easy meal.  I freeze the meat ahead.  Then when planning for that meal, I throw it into my smaller slow cooker.  Turn on low 2 hours before.  (Sides: slow cooker baked potatoes and carrots)

Hot apple cider – I freeze the apple juice, lemon juice and spices in a gallon freezer bag. When ready to prepare, I will cut the plastic off of the iced apple cider.  Then, place it into a slow cooker on high for 2-3 hours.  When it is hot, I will turn it down to “warm” until we are ready to drink it.