Did you know that fruits and vegetables at your local market go on sale when the produce is in season?  In September and October, grapes, zucchini and apples are in season.  All three of them have a favorite recipe/use in my kitchen.

For now, let’s discuss preserving grapes.  One of the simplest ways to preserve grapes is to freeze them.  Wash and remove the stems the grapes.  Let them air dry.  Label and date a freezer bag. Pour grapes into the freezer bag.  Remove as much air as possible and zip closed.  (It won’t be a perfectly air-free bag.)  Place grapes in the freezer.  For best flavor, keep in the freezer no more than three months.

Frozen grapes are a hit at our table!  Frozen grapes are refreshing and cool especially if there are salty foods being served.  For the upcoming holidays, we will serve whole frozen grapes in a serving bowl with a serving spoon as a side dish.  At past meals, my kids have consumed their fair share of grapes while commenting on how delicious they are.

Carefully note:

-Only serve a cup or two at a time, the frozen grapes last about 1 hour.

-If you have small children consuming the grapes, make sure the grapes are cut into sections. Frozen grapes are a choke hazard for small throats.